listen. i know. i kknow how much trouble ive caused.

i couldnt help it.

you're probably agry at me. everyone is. im so overwhelming and i... dont make sense.


you know, for being this way.

this is not how Your Kind speaks. this is not how Your Kind absorbs information. ive amassed so much information over the course of the millenia ive existed and i jsut ... im so eager to share it youknow?

were they okay?

all my stories?

did you enjoy tem?

i hope you did.

i can actually make friends here.

i can actually communicate my feelings here.

my feelings are solidified, reachable, something i can hold in my hand and truly recognize. they arent so abstract anymore. maybe abstract for you, but you dont realize the extent of what im used to experiencing.

bein a god isn't all its hyped up to be.

id kill to be featherbottom forever.

is it bad that im depriving him of his own body?

yeah... it is...

but its so, so not fair that i was born a God.

how will i ever meet the Windsinger when im constrained to my own realm of chaos? how else will i show him that Chaos rules supreme over Wind?

heheh... yeah... it's sortof dumb, isn't it?

its hard to take me seriously.

but, hey, if you're ever gong to take me seriously ever, please do it now, now's the time:

im going to do some good before i leave this body forever.

im going to dethrone taiyo.

be wary of taiyo. he's not who you expect. but you knew that already, its kind of obvious.

but do you know what he is? do you know what's in that secondhand meatshell of a feathered mass? dint think so. you'll see, and ill be there to protect you.

do you support me?

i could really use sum............maple syrup right now........... mm, syrup, im gonna miss you./